Supply Chain


Ship Spares


Through our highly sophisticated air freight system, we have access to a global air cargo network with hundreds of commercial airlines and airports worldwide. In addition, Empire Global Lines can also provide you with access to an air charter network of international small cargo aircrafts. This network offers customized, 24/7 same-day service catering to any critical charter needs, including:


We are able to book containers directly with the shipping companies and issue our own Bill of Landing (BL). As a result, we offer highly competitive rates to our customers and overseas partners. Our experienced professional staff will provide you with complete end-to-end ocean freight services, handling all the logistics involved to any destination, including:


As a premier one-stop provider of consolidated freight services, road and rail ground transportation is a critical link in delivering true end-to-end value to our customers. Whether we need to move ground cargo locally, cross-country, or internationally, we move track loads (TL) or less than track loads (LTL) quickly and efficiently. We are well connected through long term relationships with ground transportation carriers, providing our customers with the highest quality service for the lowest possible rates. This includes:


Our specialty cargo department is highly experienced, qualified, and fully licensed to handle specialty cargo and transportation of dangerous goods (DG). We are familiar with all handling procedures and carrier requirements, and we handle all the qualification, application and approval procedures on behalf of our customers. Most importantly, we ensure complete safe transport of the DG that we handle, and complete compliance with all domestic and international regulations for chemicals and commodities, such as: