Supply Chain


Ship Spares

Offering complete supply chain management solutions to ship owners

The Problem:

Most ship owners do not have proper inventory of spare parts due to the upfront capital expenses involved. As a result, such customers are often exposed to the risk of paying more than market price for spares and freight.

The Solution:

In order to accommodate such extremely challenging lead time, stock availability and freight cost, many ship owners in recent years are seeking vendors that can offer an attractive, flexible, convenient and cost effective supply chain solution for stocking and moving spare parts.

Such programs, which are more common with large fleets, are gaining broader acceptance among smaller and mid-sized fleets, and cutting costs for ship owners.

What We Offer:

As a leading global supplier with 15 years of experience shipping marine engine spare parts and deck equipment, we recognize the critical importance of the logistics involved in moving marine spare parts worldwide.

With our product sourcing capability, supplemented by our full service in-house freight and logistics operation, we bring the product to market quickly and in the most efficient and economical method possible, all while ensuring that technical, logistical, safety, regulatory and budgetary requirements are met.

We offer ship owners highly customized, supply chain, project management programs with a complete set of services, including: